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You must have an account with us and login before you can access the pages of Pegamoose Games. Why? Because, the Pegamoose Games website is evolving into a much more interactive user experience.

Like living in a house for several years, the old site accumulated a lot of clutter. While I am reducing this clutter, I aim to highlight and enhance some of the site's best features. Over the last couple years, I created Peggy, a browser-based game engine, to make Pegamoose Games a site where people can play tabletop games online. Other projects will roll out over time, as well as the reconstruction of some earlier games, puzzles and features.

I hope you enjoy the changes. Thank you!

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To fully experience the Pegamoose Games site, some features require iframes (loading webpages within a page), dragging-and-dropping of images, or double-click support. The site does not require users to download or install any plugins. The site runs mainly on PHP and JavaScript. Using a compatible browser is suggested. To test if your browser is compatible with the site's features...

The following browsers have been tested and known to support the Pegamoose Games website: Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer 10